German Shooting Sport and Archery Federation

The German Shooting Sport and Archery Federation was established in 1861 and reestablished in 1951, is grouped into 21 regional organizations, comprising 15.000 clubs with a total membership of about 1.4 million male and female shooters. The federation administers the following shooting events:

Rifle, Pistol, Trap and Skeet, Indoor Archery, Running Target, Field Archery, Crossbow (10m, 30m and Field Crossbow), Bigbore Rifle, Muzzleloading arms and Summerbiathlon.

The highest authority in the German Shooting Sport and Archery Federation is the Ordinary General Assembly which meets every two years. The executive bodies are: the Council and the Executive Committee consisting of the President, the five Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, the Chairman of the Technical Committee and the Chairman of the Juniors Committee. Acting President is Hans-Heinrich von Schönfels.

The German Shooting Sport and Archery Federation owns and administers a National Olympic Training Center. It is situated in Wiesbaden-Klarenthal for the sole purpose to instruct honorary officials and to train the shooters for achieve technical perfection. It is part of the Frankfurt Olympic Training-Centre and is acknowledged as Official Training Centre of the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

The following range installations are provided: Air Rifle and Air Pistol 10m, Small-bore Rifle 50m, Pistol 50m and 25m Rapid Fire Pistol, Archery and a Trap and Skeet range, situated nearby on Wiesbaden-Rheinblick. Board and lodging is available to those attenting the various training courses at the Shooting School. The restaurant is also open to the public.

The plan of instruction is divided into courses of members of the National A-, B- and C-Team (Rifle, Pistol, Running Target shooting and Archery) and the National teams of the non-olympic disciplines (Field Archery, Crossbow and Muzzleloading shooting). Moreover there are courses for Shooting Range experts, Judges Courses, courses for Coaches and for Officials conducting the juniors program.

The headquarter of the German Shooting Sport and Archery Federation is also located in Wiesbaden-Klarenthal, its Secretary General is Jörg Brokamp.