70 Nations already registered for World Championships of Archery

25.04.2007 00:00

The organizer of the German Shooting and Archery Federation have already received provisional registrations from 70 nations for the 44th Outdoor Archery World Championships, which will be held from 7th to 15th July 2007 at the Festwiese in Leipzig.


The deadline for registration for provisional participation, where the numbers of archers from a country but not their exact names have to be fixed, as the final national qualifying contests still follow, is 7th May 2007. Thus additional nations can certainly be expected to this mega-event in Saxony’s fair city.

More than 550 athletes will fight for titles and medals in the disciplines Recurve and Compound bow. Additionally for the participants in the recurve contests the much sought-after quota places for the Olympic Games 2008 in Peking are at stake.