World Archery Championships organizers are on schedule

07.02.2007 00:00

Representatives of the International Archery Federation (FITA), the City of Leipzig and the German Shooting and Archery Federation (Deutscher Schuetzenbund) met for a conference to discuss the progress in organizing the 44th World Archery Championships, to be held from July 7th to 15th 2007 in Leipzig on the venue “Festwiese”.

Mainly the logistic aspects were examined and all persons concerned confirmed that the preparations of this main event in the Olympic discipline of archery 2007 are exactly on schedule.
The Secretary General of the German Shooting and Archery Federation, Jörg Brokamp (Right), gave an unusual present to the Secretary General of FITA, Tom Dielen (Left), and also to the representative of Leipzig Sports department, Karin Strauch: “This is a Japanese bow and arrow. The arrow in general is a symbol of protec-tion against all evil. Recently I visited a well known temple in Kyoto were this set is from.
In this temple there are held annual archery competitions, on a kind of veranda at the length of the temple. This competition has a long tradition and is known nationwide. With this little gift to our partners I would like to confirm the excellent cooperation in preparing this great event in July. We all have undergone tremen-dous efforts by now and I wanted to express my thanks for the close cooperation which I am sure will be continued in the future.”